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Category: Physiotherapy

Allied Health Care for the Ballarat Region

Jasper Walker Corbet

Jasper Walker-Corbet

“I am inspired by forming meaningful relationships and helping people improve their health. I believe active listening is such an important part of this process” – Jasper

Josh Dunne

Josh Dunne

““I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel better about their body, however this can mean very different things to different people. Whether you want to improve your performance, get back to doing the things you love, or prevent injury setbacks it is my job to facilitate the change you need to achieve your goals.”–…
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Sally Punshon

Sally Punshon

“ “I like to take time with my clients; to listen, be thorough and provide really clear explanations and education to improve their own knowledge.  This knowledge is vital in understanding their condition, the rehabilitation approach, prevention, self-management and a sense of control.” – Sally

Lachlan Ramsay

Lachlan Ramsay

“I am invested in helping my patients achieve holistic health, I aim to assist in pain free movement so that my patients can have a head start towards achieving their overall health goals” – Lachlan

Peter Steggall

Peter Steggall

“ My practice is driven by the desire to assist clients with complex and persistent musculoskeletal issues with the reward of seeing them achieving greater enjoyment and engagement with life” – Peter

Tharinda Ranabahu

Tharindu Ranabahu

“If I truly know my client, I will be better equipped to empower them to better health.” – Tharindu

Nathan Waters Physio

Nathan Waters

“Lead by example. People are not going to do exercise if their physio doesn’t practice what they preach” – Nathan

Jamie Chan Physio Pilates

Jamie Chan

“I love meeting clients of all ages, helping to empower them to move better and reach their goals.” – Jamie

Emily Chung Physio

Emily Chung

“I am inspired by people who have maintained a positive outlook despite the circumstances.” – Emily

Ryan Hobbs Physio

Ryan Hobbs

“Exercise is medicine!” – Ryan