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Allied Health Care for the Ballarat Region

Whatever your injury or illness our Rehabilitation programs and onsite gym can help get you back to your best and doing the things you love in life.

The Howitt Street Rehabilitation gym is another way that we have improved the services that we can offer to you at Lake Health Group. The gym is fully equipped for all Lake Health Group patients who need extensive rehab exercises to return to full health.  Our rehab gym saves paying high prices for a gym membership and receiving exercises that don’t particularly suit your specific requirements.

Whatever your everyday goals, our Rehab Gym provides the facilities for you to improve your ability.

Why would you use our Rehab Gym?
• General strength training
• Balance and agility training
• Pre and post-surgical/operative conditions
• Sports Specific training
• Tendon rehabilitation
• Shoulder injuries

What equipment does our gym use?
• Free weights
• Machine weights
• Cable machines
• Theraband/powerband
• Medicine balls
• Exercise balls
• Treadmill

Do I have to be a member to use the gym?

Yes, the rehab gym is specifically for Lake Health Group patients. Anyone who is not a current patient will require a prior appointment to see one of our Physiotherapists and have a Gym Assessment to determine a safe and effective exercise program for you.

How is a physiotherapist’s tailored gym program different form other gym programs?
“We’ll listen to your concerns and design a personalised exercise program”

Having your own personalised program is essential to fitness, strength and functionality. An assessment by our physiotherapists can identify the weak links in your body system and individualise a program to help improve your functional fitness

Your program will be based on:

  • Functional tasks, within a specific environment. This means mimicking actual tasks that are important to you, such as digging in the garden, or improving agility on the sporting field.

  • Your injury history

  • Best available current evidence to achieve the best outcomes.

  • An individualised and goal orientated approach. This will give meaning to your program as it will be specific to your needs and injury history.

  • Flexibility, core control, endurance, strength and power requirements.

  • Principles of dosage, frequency and periodization. Let your physiotherapist guide you through how many ‘reps’, ‘sets’, ‘duration’, and ‘times per week’ will
achieve the best result.

  • Feedback on your technique and program needs. We have the ability to rapidly make small alterations to your program which can make a big difference to your outcomes

5 Day Lockdown

As per our most recent lockdown, allied health services (Physiotherapy and Podiatry) are deemed essential and as such the clinic will be open for essential clinical care.

There will be no clinical pilates, GLAD, exercise therapy, myotherapy or massage during this lockdown. We will seek to re-schedule any existing appointments.

What does this mean for you?
- If you have a Physio or Podiatry appointment in the next 5 days, your therapist will work with you to determine if the appointment would fall into the defined essential category.
- You ARE ALLOWED to travel more than 5km for medical appointments, please use your text message reminder as proof if required.

We welcome all clients except those who have visited the listed COVID exposure sites as per the current government legislation and COVID safe requirements.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact our friendly administration team on 5335 3200.