Dry Needling


Have you heard about dry needling but don’t know what it is? Read on…

Dry needling is a specialised technique involving the use of fine filament acupuncture-type needles. These fine needles are very carefully and expertly inserted into muscle and other tissue requiring treatment.

The aim of dry needling is to de-activate  focal taut bands, or “trigger points” in dysfunctional muscle, and as a result, restore normal tone and function to that muscle. The patient will feel a reduction in pain, and subsequently an improvement in function.

Skilful assessment and application of dry needling can be a very powerful way to eliminate pain of muscular, and neuromuscular origin. The team at Lake Health Group who perform this technique, have all attended specialised formal training. They will be able to determine whether Dry Needling can help you.

Please ask our reception staff when booking an appointment, should you wish to consider dry needling. This will ensure you are booked in with a therapist experienced in Dry Needling.

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