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>>> Important Changes to Pilates and Health Insurance <<<

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You might be aware that as of the 1st April 2019, government legislation has ruled that certain natural therapies will no longer be recognized as claimable under private health insurance. Pilates is included in this legislation. This includes classes where “Pilates” is the only exercise regime offered, and where classes are marketed and conducted with “Pilates” exercises.


So, what does this mean for you as a client of Lake Health Group and as a Pilates user?

  • The good news is that if exercise classes draw from some of the Pilates principles and include other specific exercises and the class are facilitated by a physiotherapist, then these classes are still deemed to be claimable under private health insurance and will now be called ‘Exercise Classes’ or ‘Mat Exercise Classes’
  • It is critical that each person undertaking these classes still undertakes an individual assessment with specific goals that are targeted towards a person’s specific needs. All programs will be reviewed and updated regularly based upon the goals and individual program.