Remedial Massage

Our massage team specialise in a wide range of techniques such as:

  • remedial and sports massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • relaxation massage
  • pregnancy massage
  • Chinese cupping
  • Therapeutic and relaxation massage
  • Massage can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being, especially when it is part of your wellness routine.


  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety
  • Calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of well being
  • Improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells
  • Prevents and relieves muscle cramps and spasms
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products
  • Massage therapy can also help with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, poor circulation and tension headaches
  • Sports and remedial massage
  • Deep massage causes the pores in tissue membranes to open, enabling fluids and nutrients to pass through. This helps remove waste products such as lactic acid and encourages the muscles to take up oxygen.
  • Maintain the body in better condition
  • Prevent injuries and loss of mobility
  • Assist the restoration of mobility to injured muscle tissue
  • Boost performance

At Lake Health Group, our professional massage therapists are Work Cover accredited and have provider numbers for all major health funds, which means eligible members can claim rebates on massage services. You do not need a referral for a massage. However, if you are a Work Cover patient we require a referral and approval from your case manager prior to your massage.

Massage is available our Howitt Street clinic for 30minute, 45minute or 1 hour sessions. Please phone reception to make a booking.


We hope you understand that our practitioners often have people on a waiting list, so…

We do ask you to contact us the day before your appointment, should you need to reschedule or cancel.

Cancellations with less than one days notice, or regular cancellations may incur a cancellation fee.

Lake Health Group practitioners do their very best to run on time, and your punctual attendance does help us to achieve this.

We understand your time is valuable, so should you practitioner be running more than 15 minutes late we will do our best to contact you.  Alternatively you can call us thirty minutes prior to your appointment to see if your practitioner is running on time.