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Doing it for Movember

         The boys at Lake Health Group are doing their bit for Movember Movember is an opportunity for men to get together and grow a moustache to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues: –  Prostate Cancer – Testicular Cancer – Mental Health & Suicide Prevention The boys at Lake Health Group here in…
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What you didn`t know about preparing to run

written by Jacob Monk Six weeks is a long time to be away from home, especially when every few days you find yourself crossing the border into a new a country or trying to figure out exactly how to order two big beers in the local dialect. “Zwei mast bitter” is what you want to…
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Why physiotherapists give you exercises to do at home?

Written by Joshua Dunne If you have been to see a physiotherapist recently it is likely that you have been given a bunch of exercises to do. Often despite the best intentions of your treating physiotherapist you may be left in the dark as to what these exercises are meant to be achieving. At the…
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What to do in the off season

Written by Daniel Lewry The footy and netball off season is generally the time when lots of beers are consumed. Did anybody else notice Josh Kennedy playing a drinking game at the Brownlow last night? He had to finish his beer each time he polled votes in a game. I bet he doesn’t feel as…
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What has Squash got to do with anything?

Written by Michael Pierce Last week was the first week of the school holidays for most children and I was (I think), fortunate enough to have the week off to spend time with my wife and kids. As it was wet most of the time I’m sure most parents spent more time than ever trying…
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Spikey Ball foot release

Spikey balls are a great tool to perform self-massage (or myofascial release) in order to release muscle tension, improve blood flow, decreasing pain, increase sensation and aid in injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation. Undertaking a spikey ball foot release, or plantar fascia release, is just one of many different ways that you can use your…
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Pilates for Runners…why not?

Pilates is fast becoming an integral part of improving performance and function, both in the elite world and within general populations. The AFL, Netball Australia, Tennis Australia and many other higher level sporting organisations not only use Pilates and Pilates principles for rehabbing injury and dysfunction, but also as an ongoing tool for improving movement…
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PCL Injury – A ruckman’s curse

By Ryan Hobbs Injuries are an inevitable part of football given the high speed, change of direction and contact aspects of the game. Some players are luckier than others and injuries are few and far between, whilst others are frustratingly plagued by injury. Unfortunately, I sustained a PCL injury to my right knee 6 weeks…
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We’ve had a bit of a run with injuries at Lake Health Group this last week or two and I’m not referring to our clients! It`s a given that day in and day out our therapists treat people`s aches and pains but when injuries happen to therapists who looks after them? Also just because we work in…
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The Dreaded School Shoe.

It’s at this time of year that you’ll be looking at your child’s school shoes and wondering how it is they seem to be worn-out already! School shoes may be the most frequently used type of footwear for any child, so it is entirely possible they’ll need to be replaced throughout the school year. In…
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Lake Health Group have ceased group exercise classes as of Thursday 6th August in line with government legislative requirements relating to Stage 3 COVID19  restrictions in regional Victoria.

Closure of the gym and Pilates area as well as cessation of groups is for a minimum of 6 weeks at this stage and relates to small exercise groups as well as the GLAD arthritis program.

For people in group classes please arrange for a one on one appointment with Josh or Jamie for them to construct a home program. For those currently doing GLAD with Lachie or Jasper this can continue but only in a 1 on 1 consultation basis.

We apologise for any inconvenience but your safety and that of all our clients and staff at Lake Health Group is our highest priority. We will continue to update you on the status of the gym and groups via social media, our website and our newsletter.


If you are showing flu like symptoms including:

Sore throat



Shortness of breath

OR have travelled overseas and/or been in close contact with someone who is a confirmed coronavirus case within the last two weeks.

Please do not come into the clinic and call 5335 3200 to cancel your appointment.

This is extremely important for the health of all clients and staff.

We thank you for your patience at this time.

Updated 2nd  July 2020