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Mental Health

Mental Health

Like physical health, everyone experiences variations in their mental health. There are protective factors for good mental health, and there are risk factors for poor mental health. Research shows that 1 in 5 people aged 18-85 in Australia will experience a mental health condition in any year. New research coming out shows it is most…
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winter sport

Are you ready for the winter season?

As we can all attest to, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with challenges we never thought we’d have to face in our lifetimes. Certainly, one challenge I did not take to very kindly. was the challenge of maintaining a “normal” training schedule or routine. With restricted outdoor exercise time, LGA/radius restrictions, closures of gyms…
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goal setting blog

What is the point of having goals?

As a physiotherapist I spend a large part of my clinical sessions with clients setting and working towards goals. When I say goals, I mean the client’s goals and not my goals for them as it is very easy as a clinician to assume and push your own goals onto the client. Everyone’s goals are…
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disc degeneration

Disc Degeneration does not mean ongoing lower back pain

Your recent back imaging shows disc degeneration, that does not mean you will get ongoing lower back pain.   All too often patients will present, very worried, with a story that they have had imaging on the lower back and there is disc degeneration-I am doomed to a life of lower back pain.   A…
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Common myths with back pain

I have been a physiotherapist for 35 years and reflect that in my early years, I peddled the consistent of advice that protecting your back with good posture, always sitting up straight and perhaps using a pillow behind your back were useful for lower back pain. The incidence of lower back pain is the number…
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Peter Steggall

What it means to be a Specialist Physiotherapist

Here at Lake Health Group we offer a wide range of services all at different prices and we commonly get asked why this is the case. Before answering this you also need to know that we are the only Allied Health Clinic in Ballarat to offer 5 different tiers of physiotherapy service. Why would we…
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mick rehab

In the blink of an eye

I’d love a dollar for every time I’ve heard the expression “life changing experience“  but until recently I don’t think I really understood the true meaning of it. As some of you may know I had a bike accident some 7 weeks ago and fractured my hip needing emergency surgery and in the blink of…
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being a physio

Why being a physio isn’t always in your best interests…

With travel restrictions imposed on regional Victorians being eased a couple of weeks ago, our family decided it would be a great opportunity to take off to the coast and enjoy a week by the beach. It was supposed to be a relaxing time away from the pressures of work , home schooling and all…
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exercise for mental health

Feeling flat with COVID isolation and a long cold winter? Exercise may help.

The past few months have been challenging for all of us with the pandemic and the classic Ballarat winter. There has been much discussion in the general media about the rise in mental health conditions including depression and anxiety across all age groups with the many challenges people are facing as a result of the…
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GLA:D Class

GLAD classes: Specific classes for hip and knee osteoarthritis, framed by the latest evidence-based exercises. Please speak to administration about these classes if you think you would benefit from them.

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