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Spikey Ball foot release

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Spikey Ball foot release

Spikey balls are a great tool to perform self-massage (or myofascial release) in order to release muscle tension, improve blood flow, decreasing pain, increase sensation and aid in injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.

Undertaking a spikey ball foot release, or plantar fascia release, is just one of many different ways that you can use your spikey ball. This is an exercise which helps to release the plantar facia and intrinsic muscles of the foot and once completed, helps to release the Achilles tendon, calves and hamstrings making the leg feel ‘’lighter’’.

  1. In a standing position, start by placing around 70% or your body weight through the ball and relax your foot. Roll the ball through the middle of the foot, into the toes and down into the heel, on the inside and outside of the foot. Perform ball roll for 30 – 45s each foot
  2. Continue by holding the ball where your heel ends and arch begins, increasing the pressure placed on the ball to 90% body weight. Ensure foot is relaxed.For advanced release

Advanced release: Start in the same position as exercise 2 and perform a forward, sideways and backwards kick of your opposite leg, maintaining the balance on your load leg. Repeat 10 each way. This mimics the weight baring pattern of walking by increasing and decreasing the load placed on your working foot.

You will find this exercise at the start of my mat class or even in my clinical Pilates programs if lower limb/ pelvic work in involved. This is a great exercise to undertake before a run/ walk, for ankle/knee or hip injuries, after a long day on your feet, if you suffer plantar fasciitis or shin splints, or if you are a regular high heels wearer.

Even if you don’t fit into any of these categories, a spikey ball foot release is a great way to increase circulation, sensation and mobility through the foot.

jane jessica 015Written by Jessica Luke: Exercise Physiologist and Pilates instructor at Lake Health Group

Closure of Group Exercise Programs

Please note that Lake Health Group are going to immediately cease group classes and only have 2 members access the gym at any one time using their membership.

As coronavirus is serious and Victoria is in a state of emergency it is in our best interests to look after our clients and we feel 2 clients in a room allows enough safe distance (1.5 metres)

This guideline regarding gym usage is reviewed daily based on government recommendations. We request you book your appointment with administration with only 2 spots available at any given time to undertake your independent program in the gym.

For people in group classes who cannot access the programs, please arrange a one on one appointment with Jamie or Josh so that a home program can continue in the interim until group classes at Lake Health Group resume.

Closure of groups will be at least one month at this stage, but we will update you via our clinic, social media and website.

We thank you for your patience at this time.

Updated 16th March 2020